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Databricks Data & AI Summit

We’re showing up in a big way at Databricks' Data & AI Summit! Schedule a time to meet with our team or stop by our Booth #89.

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Data Innovation with National Australia Bank, Sponsored by Fivetran

June 12 @ 12:30pm
South, Esplande, Rm 151

about the session

The journey of National Australia Bank (NAB), Australia’s largest bank, exemplifies the transformative power of data-driven strategies in the financial sector, paving the way for enhanced customer experiences, operational efficiencies and sustained growth. By aligning strategic objectives with technological advancements, NAB has unlocked the full potential of their data assets to drive sustainable growth in the digital age.

During this session you will learn how NAB:

  • Utilizes a data-driven approach to help personalize services, anticipate customer requirements, and enhance overall satisfaction for over 8.5 million customers.
  • Supports further integration of AI and emerging technologies to revolutionize both customer-facing and internal processes.
  • Streamlined their architecture to improve data accessibility, reliability and simplicity, unlocking insights that were previously inaccessible.
Joanna Gurry
VP Data Platforms Executive
National Australia Bank
Taylor Brown
Chief Operating Officer

Modern Database Replication for the Enterprise, Sponsored by Fivetran

June 12 @ 4:30pm
North, Expo Level, Theater 3

about the session

Learn how modern data infrastructure accelerates your time to insights and keeps you at the forefront of analytics. Database replication drives forward the modernization of legacy systems and powers analytics, insights and reporting. In this session, we will analyze how to use change data capture to unlock databases such as Oracle and SAP, whether on-premises or in the cloud, and prepare you to meet the growing data demands of your business.

Kelly Kohlleffel
Sr Global Director, Partner Sales Engineering

Join Fivetran at this can't-miss event

June 11 @ 8pm
Recess After Hours

After a day packed with insights, it's time to unleash your inner child at Recess After Hours! Join Amperity, Fivetran, and Slalom at the Playroom for an unforgettable evening filled with networking, games, and sheer fun alongside the Data & AI community.

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June 12 @ 6pm
Data On the Rocks: Exclusive Data Leaders Event

Mingle, network, and connect with industry leaders and peers in a relaxed atmosphere at this exclusive event, supported by Monte Carlo, Fivetran, Alation, dbt Labs, and Sigma. Delight in gourmet food and drinks while absorbing valuable insights and fostering connections.

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Meet the team

George Fraser
Chief Executive Officer
Taylor Brown
Chief Operating Officer
Rachel Thornton
Chief Marketing Officer
Devin Barry
Senior Vice President of Revenue
Alexander Zschaler
Regional Vice President, DACH
Jonathan Lincheck
Vice President, Global Sales Engineering

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